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Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Apk Free 2016

Whatsapp plus free download with whatsapp plus latest version 2016. We know people are finding the best possible ways to get whatsapp plus apk free download 2016. So here on our website Hack Our Lives, we are sharing the all new working whatsapp plus latest version 2016.

WhatsApp is the most popular app for chat messaging and voice calling. It become’s the most popular due to its easy connectivity with friends and family. Some people use this application to manage their office work by creating the group for their office people. You came tot this article means you are also using this most popular whatsapp application in your mobile phone. WhatsApp is started on July 2009 by one of the yahoo employee name Jan Koum. But recently it has been purchased by Mark Zukerberg by paying billions of dollars.

WhatsApp is the universal app available to all the platform like Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry and others. We have recently shared the GBWhatsApp apk which is used for dual whatsapp accounts. Now here we are sharing this best whatsapp plus latest version for free to enjoy the modded version of whatsapp application.
WhatsApp plus is the bunch of too many features, is same like an official whatsapp application. Below we have mentioned the every single features of whatsapp plus free download 2016. You can do lots many things with this modded whatsapp plus application which you can not do in official whatsapp application. In WhatsApp plus apk latest version you can hide the last seen, hide typing, hide online status and you can even send the large files and modified the current whatsapp theme. So now here we are going to share the all the features in details. The given whatsapp plus apk is based on latest version of whatsapp. You can easily download this whatsapp plus freely from our website.
Features Of WhatsApp Plus Application

    Below we have listed our some features of whatsapp plus latest version. We have even compare this features with official whatsapp account. So you first read all the features before downloading this WhatsApp Plus Apk.
    At default this whatsapp plus apk comes with blue icon, but later you can change it according to your choice.
    As we know in default whatsapp application we can not send the video over 15MB. But in this whatsapp plus application you can send 50MB video files. So this one will be the best feature for those who wants to send large file in whatsapp.
    In default whatsapp application you can not select or send more than 10 files but in whatsapp plus you can select more than 10 images at once and can send it to anyone in single time.
    In whatsapp plus latest version you can change the background of whatsapp chat, notification background color etc. So you can make the background according to your choice.
    As we know in official whatsapp whenever we send the picture, it reduces the size of it. But in this whatsapp plus apk you can send the original file size of pictures to anyone. That means you can send any of your important document to anyone without loosing the quality of the pictures.
    You can modified the UI colors and theme according to your choice which is not possible in the official whatsapp application.
    You can choose the lock according to your requirements in the chat. And they also provide some of the best paid themes so you can buy it as per your choice.
    In WhatsApp plus you can set the different status for different contacts. That means, you can set the normal status for your family members and at a time set the romantic status for your girlfriend. I hope you people will definetly like this feature.
    In official whatsapp when you wants to see the status of your friends then you need to open his or her profile. But here you directly see their profile photo while you are chatting.
    You can even change the bubble style as per your choice and needs.
    This is the whatsapp plus latest version and it is fully supported to marshmallow version of android.
    Anti ban protection. So no need to worry about banning. The given whatsapp plus latest version is totally ban free version.
    And many more features, which you will see and feel after downloading and installing it on your android mobile.

How To Download And Use WhatsApp Plus Apk Latest Version?

Now we are going to share the whatsapp plus free download with guidelines on how to install and use this app in your android device. Remember this app is only working in android devices. We are here sharing the direct download links of whatsapp plus latest version along with guidelines on how to use it.

There are lots of website and blog available on the internet provide the whatsapp plus apk which is sometime does not work or become outdated. But here we have shared the direct download link of official working and tested whatsapp plus apk latest version which is tested in latest android operating system.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version Free WhatsApp Plus APK

Get latest Version of whatsapp plus apk for free – Download Whatsapp Plus full feature Free version apk | Download and Install Whatsapp Plus now.

go and download whatsapp plus latest version apk now.Here we publishing the complete details and download link of whatsapp plus latest version for free. I see many of smartphone users asking for whatsapp plus latest version download link free on many forums and groups. One of my online facebook group i recently saw that one user said that ‘ he searched lot on google for whatsapp plus apk download, and found many versions of whatsapp plus and still he is not able to use it properly. ‘ Today TechieUncle.com solving this. we are here to help you guys. Are you looking for whatsapp plus latest apk download, then go ahead this article. This will surely help you to install whatsapp plus on your android device for free.

Yes, Nowadays without whatsapp it is not possible. Sometimes when i have some exams or some busy works, I switch off whatsapp for quite time. That’s time i fell something lose from me. I am not upto date. That’s right, now without whatsapp we are not upto date. Whatsapp messages provides sufficient info on everything. Local news, global or other personal stuffs etc. AS like twitter, most of viral videos, pictures, statements are first releasing on whatsapp now. 50% local/global trending videos& images are whatsapp leaked. Anyway i am not wasting much time on describing whatsapp. i knew all of you already know well about ‘what is whatsapp now’. All i have to say that the use and importance of whatsapp in our daily life gonna increased very much now. In this article we are not discussing about official whatsapp messenger. WE gonna describing a whatsapp unofficial app called whatsapp plus which provides much more than official whatsapp messenger app.
Dwonload whatsapp plus apk free

Dwonload whatsapp plus apk free

What is WhatsApp Plus Exactly ?

Whatsapp Plus is an android app that is same as official whatsapp messenger. But whatsapp plus has some more features. yes it names clearly suggests that. Something plus with this. Whtsapp ‘plus’. Some more features on official whatsapp. I am mentioned the complete list of features of whatsapp plus in another section below.  In this article we are discussing about whatsapp plus android version [ apk file]. Still i am not answered the main question!!! Whatsapp Plus is a upgraded or modded version of official whatsapp messenger with lots of useful additional features.
Why to download Whatsapp Plus apk on android? Why I need to use Whatsapp Plus? What is the Importance of whatsapp plus?

Whatsapp official app has only few features available. Not actually few. Since the usage of whatsapp increased the need of features are also increased. But whatsapp still not updates with more these features. they always go on with their basic feature. They always prefer whatsapp messenger quality. yes, they doing well. Updates whatsapp database almost all months. fixing all bugs.But they are not adding more features to it. For maintaining the simplicity in UI they not providing much features. Even their competitors upgrading with lot of new features they didn’t mind it.

So here why whatsapp plus comes. We people need lot more features on our whatsapp. we want to save our privacy. ‘ Is whatsapp breaking your privacy?? , Not actually. I didn’t mean it. you will get what i mean on whatsapp plus features section’. We need more customization. yes many of users didn’t like the simple design. They want to customize their whatsapp app with their own interests. And need to do lot more. yeah, right Whatsapp Plus has all these features. This single app called whatsapp plus can handle all this. Whatsapp Plus app works as same as official whatsapp messenger works but has lot of more additional features.

What you are looking for? Go now. The whatsapp plus working latest version [ whatsapp plus] apk file is available for download below. download and install whatsapp plus, enjoy.
WhatsApp Plus Features ? Latest version whatsapp plus features list? what additional on whatsapp plus latest version?
Difference between official whatsapp messenger and whatsapp plus latest version

Are you still not convinced to download whatsapp plus latest version app ? The read this amazing features of whatsapp plus app. I am sure that you will surely download the latest whatsapp plus app after reading this. I am damn sure. ha ha ha.

    The official whatsapp plus comes with blue ticks icons, In whatsapp Plus you can change to any color as your wish. Me too bored with the same blue color, i want some more bright color. What about red?
    You can send only upto 15 MB sized videos on official whatsapp version, but whatsapp plus comes with a maximum size of 50 MB. I knew many of you struggle on sending your rear video camera taken Videos on Whatsapp. yes, the mob cam video size are very high now. even if you compressed it is not possible to reduce below 15 MB. So this whatsapp plus app suites those needs to send high sized videos [ upto 50 MB]
    Trying to send a group of images? Sorry the official whatsapp messenger provides you only 10 selection at a time. Don’t worry this issue become solved on whatsapp plus new version. Download and enjoy this cool feature
    I am bored with the same whatsapp background. I want a change. yes whatsapp plus helped me. with whatsapp plus you can change the background color of chat.notification bar etc. you can personalize everything with whatsapp plus.
    There are some pre-added UI themes for whatsapp plus. You can change the theme of your whatsapp messenger on whatsapp plus. There are free and paid themse are available. The themes completely changes the whatsapp app UI. Those who likes to customize everything, this is the best feature for you.
    With whatsapp plus you can show multiple whatsapp status. That is you can set different status for different contacts. If you want to hide your status from your family? want to hide something from your Ex-Lover? yes this gonna helps you. This one of the best feature that i most use on my whatsapp. No i don’t have any Ex. 🙂 Ha Ha Ha …. LoL
    In Official whatsapp messenger app for seeing status of your friends, you need to goto contact section and scroll scroll scroll. Here whatsapp plus solves this; you can see the status of your friend even on chat section.
    Whatsapp plus has a option for changing the style of ticks & bubble icons. Change it as per your wish.
    there are lot of more features inside the app – whatsapp plus. Go and download whatsapp plus now.